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Cold days make me feel like staying in, feeling cozy and eating some hot soup!

Japanese Udon in Miso Soup

  • 1 pack Japanese Udon noodles
  • dried kelp
  • corn on a cob / corn kernel
  • Enoki mushrooms
  • white miso

I’m amongst those who love to cook but never really measure my ingrediesnts unless requested for a recipe.  I always believe that food is cooked according to the taste of each person.  I usually generalize my ingredients and from there explore the taste, come up with the balance that dish needs to bring out each and every ingredient’s natural flavors.  Sometimes we feel like we wa nt perfetion with our dishes but the truth is, it will never be truly perfect.  Everytime you make that same dish, there could be a slight difference, mapybe with the Flavor, ingredients, consistency or simply how you want it for that time.  Just enjoy your dish, that’s the fun part of cooking!

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