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So, I usually follow my “3rd time’s a charm” rule when upgrading, and iOS is now on their 5th update. The only reason I’m holding back is because I’m waiting to update Mac OS X El Capitan to macOS Sierra as soon as Sierra reaches their 3rd update. Sierra is on their 1st update at the moment BUT I went ahead and started researching to see if my main programs would run os Sierra. All but one program (which unfortunatley is my main program ArchiCAD 18) have been updated to run Sierra. I was saddened today when I read on Graphisoft that:

Compatibility Updates will not be available for ARCHICAD 18 and older, ARCHICAD 18 Solo and older, ARCHICAD SE2016 and older.


I have no problem running El Capitan so long as it will be widely supported for my usage. So my main concern at this point is will iOS 10 play nice with El Capitan? A Google search led me to the following:

To summerize, using a combination of iOS 10 and El Capitan will work with certain features left out. As long as my reminders, calendar, contacts and notes play well in this combo I’m good to go. There may be apps that have not upgraded to iOS 10 yet but I guess I’ll find out soon enough.. or in about 4 hours :/


To conclude, it looks like I’ll be on El Capitan until I decide to update my ArchiCAD license – which is probably not anytime soon. Maybe when I decide to upgrade my Mac!

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