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The attack in Nice and Berlin in 2016 has been horrific and the latest methods in striking terror. When the 9/11 attacks happened, we tightened security to prevent future hijackings. The truck attacks are a little more complex to counter because anyone can access a truck easily and target any public place to strike terror by running over pedestrians.

The solution is by stopping the source – however this takes time. We need to protect areas that serve as temporary gathering venues such as farmers markets, street festivals, parades and otther similar events held on public roads as a way to minimize damage. Best case would be to prevent such truck attacks in the first place.

Solution #1 (temporary solution)

Deploy concrete baracades. Use them to block vehicular access. This is better than those metal baracades designed to block or guide pedestrian traffic. Though harder to setup and probably more costly – it does the job of at least slowing if not stopping a truck completely.

Solution #2 (preferred solution)

Use of retracteable bollards. We use bollards all the time at parks and pedestrian areas to keep vehicles off. We can certainly use them in this case. Will cost to install and maintain but i think is well worth the effort to protect lives.

Ultimate Solution

Stop terrorism. Easier said than done.

Note: I am no anti-terrorist expert. I am just a concerned citizen who felt really said about the victims of these horrific truck attacks that took place this year.

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