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Interesting study. It probably depends more on a case by case and we shouldn’t just jump to the conclusion that we have heart disease based on gray hair. However, one can’t help to at least consider decreasing your risk of heart disease. Eat healthier, reduce stress, exercise.. these are very broad but you get the idea.

The recent study presented at EuroPrevent 2017 found that:

People who had equal parts of their natural hair color and white or gray hair had a higher risk of coronary artery disease than their counterparts who had no or little gray hair. That was also true independent of their age and other risk factors for heart disease. People who were diagnosed with heart disease also had a statistically significant higher likelihood of having gray or white hair than those who didn’t have heart disease.


Jokingly, people suggested alternative solutions such as dying your hair, going bald or perhaps even plucking your white/gray hairs out. Don’t we all wish it were that easy!

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