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Is it even possible?  Quite mind boggling having to think that your very own teacher would be the one bullying you.  Unfortunately, it happens.

Growing up being taught by my folks that at school your teachers are your second parents.  Why not? Kids spend more time at school, their most valuable time of the day.  That crucial time when they grow, learn, explore and thrive.  The stress of having good role model is very important because kids learn by example.

Imagine that person who is supposed to teach and lead kids to positivity becomes the negative force?  This is why I said the teacher has become the bully.  If that person can’t carry on a healthy , nurturing, loving and safe environment for a kid the I believe that person shouldn’t be teaching at all.

What makes that person a bully? Favoritism & being exclusive, would be top on the list.  This kind of treatment could render a kid that’s least favored serious insecurities.  Labeling is another thing.  When a teacher labels akid as such (bully, instigator, etc.), that eventually will be harnessed by the kid and reflect on to others.  Say a kid is just trying to be friendly but it’s not being recriprocated accordingly by others, then teacher claims kid is being such a bully bothering a classmate.  Shaming and humiliating them should also raise a red flag to parents.

There could be many other indicators that a teacher is modeling a bully behaviot to the class, parents should be very vigilant and aware of it.  This coud greatly damage your kids emotionally.  Speak up and confront the situation if you must before it gets too late.  Yes it happens, a teacher can be so much like a bully too.  Sad but true.

Any thoughts and experiences you can share?

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