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This can be very annoying and dangerous. It’s not the fact that you are using the Waze, Google Maps or the Here app to get from point A to point B. No different than using a Garmin GPS… the problem when using these GPS apps on an iPhone is that the little notifications from a text message that just came in, or a reminder from the Reminder app get in the way of critical data. The notifications slide down and block the upper portions of these driving navigation apps forcing me to sliding those notification up and putting me in a very vulnerable position. So I don’t and try to get by from what’s not being blocked. This is not a good solution. The best solution would be if iOS deteced when I was driving or moving a certian speed and notifications of any sort would temporarily be disabled so that I can have full view of Waze or whatever I’m using.  There are some apps that do something like this… but it involved installing some other navigation app :/ or it did not do exaclty what I wanted it to do.

I like using Waze, Google Maps and Here app and almost gave up finding a solution… BUT started doing what I should have done from the very start… see if there was already a feature in iOS that did this. Yes there was – it’s the “Do Not Disturb” feature which easily accessed by pressing the Home button and sliding you finger up from the bottom portion of the screen. Then press the little icon that with a moon on it to activate it and disable it. Now I just need to remember to activate it when I’m driving, and deactivate when I’m done driving. Problem solved.

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The ultimate solution would be if iOS could recognize that I’m actually behind the wheel driving and this would trigger my iPhone to activate “Do Not Disturb” and then when I stopped driving and got out from the drivers seat, my iPhone would then deactivate ” Do Not Disturb”. One day.

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