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Just because a website doesn’t harbor phishing, malware, spyware and viruses doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t scam sites. We talked about How To Avoid Bad Websites before now I want to cover scam sites. Scam Sites can be safe sites that don’t have any viruses or malware BUT designed to collect data or even money from unsuspecting visitors instead. Ever tried to buy something online and found that one particular item on (which you never heard of before) – then you make the purchase and never get sent a recipt or verification email… the unrest begins.

Thankfully there are a few sites that you can use to check for scams.

  1. Scam Void:


2. Scam Adviser:


Remember that even though these services don’t detect anything suspicious, it doesn’t always mean you’re clear.. it’s quite possible that some scam sites were freshly launched and that perhaps they haven’t been logged into the system as potential scam sites yet.

I highly encourage you to read 5 Ways To Check If A Website Is Legit. The article teaches you how to look for red flags that you may not have thought of. Practicing these techniques and running those suspicious URLs through the Scam Void and Scam Adviser systems for verification will lessen your chances to fall victim to scam websites.


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