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So you have a running car that is impossible to sell and perhaps give away because… well… nobody wants it! Or maybe because there is nobody you’d want to give it to simply because it is too old and probably not worth it.

Granted this post is for those living in California, specifically those living in the San Francisco Bay Area – it may be useful information for others to know.

The Quick Story

Basically I have an old 1983 Datsun that, while still running is a pain to maintain because parts for it are getting more difficult to find. It’s for this reason that I just don’t want to give it away to my nephew or nieces. I ust don’t want them to be in a bind when the time comesthat the old ’83 Datsun needs someTLC. regular oil changes are fine… but if they ever need to do body work, or chnage the radiator or something major – trust me, it’s going to be a challenge

The Solution

I don’t have the space to keep itany longer nor is it good if it just sits there. So I need to get rid of it. Wy not make some extra cash too right? My dad came to visit over the summer and found out that there is a Vehicle Buyback Program for eligible vehicles/owners in the Bay Area.

So we call the number and acquire the application form and mail it in. It supposedly take 2 weeks to get a response, so we’ll see. I’ll update this post as soon as hear back from these guys.

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