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They say you have to eat for two when you’re pregnant, that’s what most older people would say. I thought that’s how it works too but after two pregnancies, I learned that it doesn’t really work that way.

With a family history of diabetes I was on then early glucose testing to rule out just gestational diabetes. That sure was stressful and scary at the same time. Things like, what would it be like being diabetic? Is it going to be healthy for my baby? Will everything be normal again?

Failing the glucose test would mean you’re having gestational diabetes. Of course this is something any pregnant person would want to least hear about but hey, it happens! Does this really mean goodbye sugar goodbye everything?

If you were to open your mind it’s not as bad as you think. I call it blessing in disguise. How come? Well let’s put it this way, it will promote you to be healthier the best way possible.  Baby will be well monitored and being aware of the situation can prevent baby from getting too big, and preventing birthing complications.

Educating yourself to know more about healthier eating habits, label reading, exercise, portion control and simply understanding what diabetes is all about or give you a better light on how you see things. Following certain guidelines will help you maintain a healthy pregnancy and of course a healthier baby.

Having gestational diabetes doesn’t mean you want to have good or normal A1C results. as long as you watch your diet it is not impossible to achieve this. You may or may not need medication or insulin, it really depends on all your numbers.

So how do you know your numbers? Well, you will have prick yourself several times a day and make a log of your glucose numbers. Yes it would hurt and at some point your fingers will get calloused with all the prick marks.

They said that some cases of gestational diabetes will go away right after having the baby while some will develop into diabetes. There’s also a big chance of developing diabetes later on in life for those who went back to normal blood sugar levels after birth.

I guess this is one of those things that we can never defy. It could happen whether we like it or not. In the long run, acceptance and proper knowledge about situation could be the key in properly handling the blood sugar issues. Know your numbers, take proper measures and good maintenance will lead to a better YOU.


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