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When you’re all tired and drained from the day’s work, something to forget about our very own family. We can be easily sucked in this rat race  whether we like it or not. Is it your fault being workaholic if you’re just merely providing for your family?

I always tell my kids that too much of something is bad. How about too much work can that would be bad? Yes it can be when we don’t put the balance in our life. Ask yourself if you live to work or work to live. While it’s very necessary for us to work in order to live accordingly, we should never ever forget spend time with our family.

Family is the foundation for kids, this is where it all starts. Values and virtues, life’s lessons, memories and skill building starts from home. Family time creates a strong ground for the kids making their roots stronger.

The kids at some point will start doing their own things and will have more time away from home. While parents can get very busy with work, making sure that the family will survive and live comfortably. These can be factors that could affect family bonding and relationship. However, family time doesn’t require a certain number of hours or very special trips to fulfill. It can be a quick family ice cream time for a treat, a quick game of snakes and ladders, sing songs with the kids, be silly and dance along, or even get the kids involved in doing family chores together. Practically anything that can promote togetherness and positivity, that is the essence of family time.

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