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EGGIE 2.0 is an elegant, decorative, personalizable, and pest-repelling light. With its waterproof exterior, wireless charging capabilities, and light-sensitive functionality, EGGIE can light up your world wherever you go, while protecting you from mosquitoes and other insects. – Nocturne Designs Inc.

When Eggie came out on Kickstarter the goal was CA $28,000 and in the end, CA $39,189 was pledged! Check out their campaign on Kickstarter for the initial version of “Eggie – Light Up Your World” to see how it all began.

We really like this product and proudly backed Eggie with much excitement on Kickstarter. My kids enjoy using it as a pretend campfire when we play at home and then it serves as a nightlight during bedtime. It has held up well considering all of the abuse it’s taken from a 1-year-old and 8-year-old. We recently purchased Eggie 2.0 and await its arrival!

Anyone can purchase their own Eggie directly from the website. Eggie 1.0 currently sells for $43.99 ($23.99 sale) and Eggie 2.0 currently sells for $49.99 ($29.99 Sale) at the time of this writing. The main difference being that 2.0 also serves as a pest repellent! Excellent product and awesome company.


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