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The Atom 1.0 Micro Drone by Propel RC is a great starter drone or any kid (ages may vary) or adult. My wife got this for my 7-year-old boy as a birthday gift. We unboxed it, read the instructions, charged the Mini Drone and installed fresh batteries in the remote. We waited till the red LED light on the USB charging cable turned On indicating that the Drone was fully charged and prepared for his first flight.

Not to my surprise, he crashed it several times (so did I admittedly) until we finally talked about strategy and how sensitive the controls were. We also agreed that we weren’t going to try any stunts until we’ve gained a good handle on how to hover the Drone nicely and fly around in a controlled and stable manner.

We had a total of probably 20 minutes of flight time (not continuoisly) and several indoor crashes. The blades stayed intact but had to bend one of the plastic propellers back in place – thankfully it didn’t snap. There are 4 extra blades that came in the package but I did not hesitate to order more spares immediatly as I knew we were going to play with this some more. As soon as we get a sunny day, we’re testing this little guy on an open field.

Available for purchase at Amazon:

I recommend watching the Propel Atom 1.0 Micro Drone Instructional Video:

Replacement blades can be found at:

YouTube’s Stephen Walls also gives a great product review:

See it handle outdoors:

Awesome toy!

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